Sprayer multinational Jacto to expand presence in Chile

With over 70 years of experience, the sprayer multinational, Jacto, told to AgroPages that it is expanding its presence in Chile.

The company, which originated in Brazil, added that it considers the Chilean fruit sector a strategic market.

″Chilean fruit growing is a global example of success and efficiency. The country has the ideal terrain for our line of turbo sprayers, being very suitable for the production of fruits at whether low or high yields,″ said Walter Mosquini (Manager for International Markets at Jacto).

Jacto’s best-selling products in Chile are the turbo-sprayers from its Arbus line, such as the recently launched Arbus 2000 TF, which is equipped with a 1,000 mm diameter fan and fiberglass-reinforced nylon propellers resistant to the corrosive effects of agrochemicals.


The air produced by the fan is directed through its blades to create an even distribution pattern and achieve excellent coverage on different parts of plants.

The fan can also be used with a single-sided deflector or a tower deflector.

Other models in the Arbus line are:


Arbus 400: A versatile product that offers the best application efficiency for different crops and crop lines, helping farmers protect their crops. Configured with a shutoff valve or bijet nozzle holder, it enables the quick configuration and exchange of nozzles with a simple movement, facilitating its use in new calibrations, improving the quality of applications, and increasing productivity.


Arbus 1000: Meets the requirements of various cultures and needs. It is also flexible due to an optional articulated axle that allows it to be maneuvered in narrow spaces. The articulated axle also allows the sprayer to maneuver in a turning radius in line with the tractor used, enabling the team to work in areas with reduced maneuvering space and achieving greater productivity.

Arbus 1500 Diamond: Ideal for growing apples, pears, peach trees, grapes, oranges, tangerines, lemons and ornamental trees. It has a fiberglass reservoir with a capacity of 1,500 liters and excellent internal and external finishing. Its design also enables tires to be inserted into the body of the piece, offering a profile that facilitates operating in fields with narrow streets.


Tower Arbus 4000: Robust and designed to realize high operational performance in medium and high crops. It also achieves excellent daily production during applications, protecting large areas of crops with less downtime. It is durability and easy to maintain, therefore, being availabile for use whenever necessary.

Jacto is one of the most respected companies in the agrochemical spraying segment and currently exports its broad portfolio of products for the agroindustry to more than 100 countries.

(Editing by Leonardo Gottems, reporter for AgroPages)


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